Protect your family and your health with a personal life or health insurance policy in Washington.

Planning for the unexpected is always a good idea.  A life and health insurance policy for you and your family can help protect against unforeseen medical situations.

At ISU Global Insurance, we have access to many life and health insurance companies in Washington. As an independent agent, we will find the best rate and policy for you and your family.

Health Insurance in Washington

Protect your greatest asset – your body – with a health insurance policy from ISU Global Insurance.

You and your family need to be protected in the event of unforeseen medical expenses.  At ISU Global Insurance, we will hunt for a policy that meets your needs. A health insurance plan from ISU Global Insurance will help cover your medical expenses for medical, surgical and other hospital and doctor billed expenses. Plans differ and some cover mental health, prescription drugs and dental expenses. We have access to the best companies in Washington, ask your ISU Global Insurance agent about a health insurance policy. You agent will explain in detail the different options such as deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance to ensure you choose the right plan for your situation.

Life Insurance in Washington

We can help you choose the right life insurance plan in Washington.

It is important to understand the three types of life insurance available in Washington.

  1. Term Life Insurance: Provides protection for a specific time frame, for instance, 20 years. It is generally less expensive than a Whole Life Insurance policy. Frequently term life insurance can be changed to a permanent policy.
  2.  Whole Life Insurance: This is a form of life insurance that remains in force your entire lifetime (as long as you pay our premiums). It is important to note that whole life insurance policies can be an investment as they build value over time.
  3. Universal Life Insurance:  Universal life insurance has flexible premiums but can also build value like the whole life policy which earns through an interest rate that changes occasionally.

To find out more about life insurance and what policy may be best for you, contact a licensed agent today at ISU Global Insurance at 206-686-1700


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